Each bridge project is unique – that’s why each new job is a new challenge for us that requires both creativity and team spirit.
Perfect harmony of our own staff and specialist subcontractors is required to carry out each individual project profitably. This interplay is of particular importance throughout the entire process, right from when the order is placed up to when the construction is finally put into service. This requires continual communication and coordination between all those persons involved in the project.
We‘re only satisfied once the customer is happy with our work and after our project has been cleared to carry traffic.

Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Mohr
Project Manager

Steel construction projects – a product of living partnerships

SAM is a provider of ambitious projects in the field of heavy steel manufacturing. These comprise all-steel and composite steel construction methods for roads, motorways, waterways and railways, as well as hydraulic steel structures such as components for hydroelectric plants, barrages, locks and penstocks. We also undertake various projects in the area of renewable energies.

Range of services:
•    Detailed construction
•    In-plant production and corrosion protection in the factory
•    Pre-assembly and corrosion protection on the construction site
•    Crane mounting or longitudinal feed in various types
•    Project support right up to the point of delivery to the customer

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