With a weight of 100 tonnes and a length of 30 metres, our triple tandem welding lance for tower sections that was first put into practice in 2006 is one of the most efficient welding machines in the world. With it, four weld seams can be simultaneously made in tower segments up to 28.5 metres in length. Safer, faster and more precise than is possible with conventional technology. We are particularly proud of this piece of equipment, as it was developed entirely by our own staff.
Construction, machine-building, control and regulation technology and assembly all of this was achieved in just one year.

Welding specialist Steffen Plock
Production manager, steel tower manufacturing

High quality at fair prices

Steel towers by SAM have proven themselves all over the world even in the Antarctic. Alongside their solid technical design, their great value for money is typical for the towers from Magdeburg. Various technological and logistical measures form the basis for this.

Our manufacturing is defined by its high level of automation, thus enabling the processes to be optimised. Our own maintenance and development department guarantees that the company functions both reliably and efficiently. The way we work is often characterised by our own developments.