We have a comparatively low amount of manufacturing space for the individual products. This being so, our focus is on compact multifunction workplaces. A current example would be our UP welding machines for long seam and circular welding on rotor blades. The seams have a 3D progression; as such, they are not possible to create with normal manual technology.
Consistent use of robot technology and mathematics has enabled us to turn the weld seams into almost „normal“ long and circular seams for the welder. Our experience shows that you can’t just buy workplaces that are so complex. You can only make them happen by putting a lot of your own equity in. Everyone has to join in – from the designer right up to the welder.

Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Voigt
Manager, Technical services

Capable of taking on any challenge

The wide range of knowledge that the company has means that the whole job can be processed with the same high quality in all departments – from project planning, construction, manufacturing, the necessary corrosion protection, quality management right through to dispatch and assembly.
SAM has a total of 37,000 m˛ of production area and a machine park that has been optimised for manufacturing with the following process-defined manufacturing devices:
Sheet pretreatment
Roller track blasting plant (horizontal, 6 rotary chopper wheels) max length = 22,000mm, max width = 3,800mm
CNC cutting machine, sheet width 3.500 mm, sheet length 22.000 mm,sheet thickness 190 mm
Sheet forming
Four roll bending machine, sheet width x sheet thickness 3.000 mm x 90 mm
UP circular welding machine for components with a diameter of 1,000 mm to 12,000 mm
UP long seam welding machine for component lengths of a maximum of 7,000 mm
MIG/MAG impulse welding machines up to 500 A
Indoor cranes up to 200t total bearing capacity with a lift height of up to 14 m
Portal outdoor crane, hoisting capacity 2 x 30t and 60t
Blasting and corrosion protection work
Cabin size height: 7,000 mm width: 8,500 mm length: 50,000 mm
2-K airless spraying machine technology
Thermal zinc spraying

>>> Click here to watch a video of the 3D sheet metal forming