SAM has a history of success. Right from the very first moments, the company has been defined by respectability, solidarity, commitment and the constant strive for quality. Whilst others struggle for constant growth, we at SAM strive for improvement, for simplicity and for a superior product.
However, all this can only be achieved within social and communicative structures that are both straightforward and manageable. To this end, we founded a further company in 2010, namely MAM. By dividing our organisation in this way, we were able to expand upon the areas of business and maintain the company identity at the same time.
Where we refer to SAM in the following passages, you can be sure that whatever is stated applies to MAM as well.

Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Helmholz
Managing Director, SAM and MAM

Flexibility and dynamism form the basis of success

In the year 1997, SAM (Stahlturm- & Apparatebau Magdeburg GmbH) was founded.
The new company began to specialise in the construction of steel towers. The first order for a steel bridge and a hydraulic steel structure had been carried out as early as 1998. SAM has been constantly expanding in all sectors since its foundation. In October 2002, the ENERCON-Group acquired the founder’s shares in the company and has been the sole proprietor ever since.
Today, SAM and its affiliate „MAM Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Magdeburg GmbH“ (founded in 2010) process more than 70,000 tonnes of steel per year and employ more than 800 people. Together, the companies are active in the following fields:
•   Steel tower construction
•   Steel bridge construction
•   Welding for machine and plant construction
•   Components for hydraulic steel structures
•   Components for the cement and mineral industry
•   Heavy steel construction
•   Special construction work