Steel construction from Magdeburg

Our corporate mission and philosophy

SAM Stahlturm- & Apparatebau Magdeburg GmbH is a company with many years of tradition and experience in the field of steel processing and welding technology. We have been changing landscapes with our impressive steel towers and steel bridges for more than two decades and have established ourselves as a competent steel construction partner for customers throughout the region. Over the years, we have added a number of services to our portfolio, which now also includes the production of steel components for the cement and minerals industry, hydraulic steelwork, heavy mechanical engineering and project management.

With this wide range of services, we not only aim to tap into new business segments but also, and above all, to build a strong foundation of industry knowledge and high quality standards. Our flexible, reliable and punctual approach to our work enables us to offer uninterrupted supply and delivery.

We use our expert support and extensive portfolio to help our customers achieve their full potential. When doing so, we always focus on meeting the demands of modern metal and steel construction.

Although most of our work is centred around the German economic market, we are also happy to discuss European and international projects with you.

Sustainability aspects are becoming increasingly important within our company. Given that we handle all kinds of hazardous materials, we are very aware of our social responsibility for environmental protection and place high value on meeting the prevailing requirements.

A company can only achieve long-term success when its employees are enthusiastic about and committed to their work both on stage and behind the scenes. Our staff of all ages actively share the values, diversity and expertise of our company when coming up with new ideas time and time again. This is precisely why we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. Our work as a team is defined by transparency and reliability, and we treat each other with respect and dignity. Our mutual trust in the current and potential skills and abilities of our staff form the basis of our work – after all, there’s no solidarity without trust.

Steel construction from Magdeburg

Our history and journey

We have been a specialist for heavy steel construction for more than 20 years. Our motivation, innovation, team spirit and determination to achieve quality at its best have shaped our company history over the years. Be it round or square, our industry expertise and partners enable us to cover all aspects of diverse projects with services from one single source.

The company Stahlturm- & Apparatebau Magdeburg GmbH, or SAM for short, was founded in the German city of Magdeburg in 1997. At first, the new company specialised in the construction of steel towers. Just one year later, in 1998, it completed its very first project, the construction of a steel bridge and hydraulic steel structure. Nowadays, SAM processes more than 34,000 tonnes of steel every year. The company provides its services in the following business segments:

  • Steel bridge construction
  • Cement and minerals industry
  • Mechanical engineering components
  • Steel hydraulics construction
  • Steel tower construction
  • Other construction activities