Auxiliary structures for our production activities

As is usual in the field of heavy steel construction, the steel components that we process involve impressive dimensions that pose a challenge for many providers.

Given the technical limitations of existing tools available on the market, we often have to rely on our partner engineers to develop customised auxiliary structures for in-house use.

We transform good ideas into real-life innovations so that we can meet all of our customers’ demands. Constantly on the lookout for new products and challenges, we put our experience, expertise and ability to the test day after day. 

This has already enabled us to produce a number of outstanding prototypes that have helped to make our production processes run more smoothly than ever before, for example our rotary tables, our Rhönrad wheel and our triple tandem welding lance for steel tubes and pipes.

Welding in all positions

Our triple tandem welding lance

With an impressive weight of 100 t and length of 30 m, our triple tandem welding lance for steel tubes and pipes, which was put into operation in 2006, is one of the most effective welding machines in the world. It allows three weld seams to be produced simultaneously in tower segments with a length of up to 28.5 m. What’s more, it is safer, quicker and more precise than conventional technology. We are particularly proud of this innovation, which was developed completely in-house. The entire process, from the design stage through to mechanical engineering, control engineering and assembly, was successfully completed within the space of just one year.

You too can benefit from the opportunity to activate our innovation team and find the ideal solutions to transform your product idea into a technical reality.