Limits of size and weights


Above-average production hall dimensions

With an overall production area of 19,000 , our production halls offer dimensions that allow us to transport steel components with a total length of up to 50 m, a diameter of up to 11 m, a maximum weight of 240 t in a height of up to 14 m.  



Occupational health and safety  

Safety is our top priority  

Occupational health and safety standards form an integral part of work in the steel construction industry. Protecting our staff in terms of both their physical and mental health is a top priority in our company philosophy. In line with this focus, we evaluate and further develop our occupational health and safety measures on a continuous basis


Our service commitment

Quality is our top priority 

As a long-standing service provider in the field of heavy steel construction, we always focus on complying with the stipulated standards and qualification requirements that apply to our industry. Our desire to provide top-quality manufacturing services is what drives and inspires us to constantly improve and offer you the best possible service. You can find evidence of our qualifications here. 


Your all-rounder for heavy steel construction

An extraordinary range of services

All of our services aim to offer our customers maximum convenience when it comes to the realisation of their projects. We have both the space and the technical equipment required to be able to manufacture a multitude of component assemblies for heavy mechanical engineering. 

SAM is your ideal all-rounder for series, prototype and customised production in the field of heavy steel construction. The technical equipment that forms part of our comprehensive machinery and systems and our excellent partner network enable us to carry out many stages of production in house.

  • High quality standards 
  • Low production costs 
  • Short production times 
  • High value creation 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Low logistics and transport costs 
  • Sustainability 
  • Project management and construction site supervision 
  • On-site mechanical processing 
  • Assembly directly at the construction site 
  • Continuous development 
  • Innovations for series production