Series production stell construction

Products with impressive dimensions ready for series production

The machinery and systems available at SAM guarantee the consistent manufacturing of your products ready for series production. We are able to simultaneously manufacture a multitude of product lines with excellent results in terms of quality and quantity. As a well-established steel construction company in Central Germany, our series production activities benefit from our long-standing industry knowledge and our open approach to meeting our customers’ expectations.

Contact us to share your product visions and let us convince you that our steel construction expertise is exactly what you need!

We offer the series production of products such as:

  •     Tubular steel towers
  •     Mechanical engineering components
  •     Pipelines
  •     Other structures

Made-to-order production & component production

Customised solutions for heavy steel construction

When it comes to realising your ambitious and individual construction projects, we are ready and willing to tackle any challenge, regardless of how much weight or complexity your project involves.

Be it round or square, our service portfolio and the strength of our network of partners enable us to offer mechanical processing, delivery and assembly all from one single source. When doing so, we are happy to tackle dimensions that other providers wouldn’t dare to touch.

We can manufacture items such as:

  • Rotary kilns
  • Mill shells
  • Lock gates
  • Tyre fastening systems
  • Leading lines
  • Crawler tracks

We use our expertise to tick all the boxes for our satisfied customers by exploiting the full potential of steel at its best.