In-house preservation options

Our corrosion protection centre

Another unique feature offered by SAM Stahlturm- & Apparatebau Magdeburg GmbH is our in-house corrosion protection centre, in which protective coatings can be applied to component assemblies and parts in line with your schedule, price and quality expectations.

Base surface treatment

Large-scale surface preparation

We use a traditional sandblasting procedure that enables us to optimally prepare components for finishing. As a result, we can guarantee careful base surface treatment for steel components in all shapes and sizes.

The metal parts are cleaned and roughened in our blasting cabins with our special 2K Airmix/Airless spraying system technology, which uses the thermal spray galvanising method.

Each blasting cabin boasts impressive dimensions of 9 m x 8.5 m x 50 m and therefore offers a capacity that is unrivalled in the local region.

Interior and exterior coating

Preservation of very tall components

Our large spray booth measuring 48 m x 8.4 m x 7 m is used to apply multicoloured interior and exterior coatings with 2K Airmix/Airless spraying system technology in accordance with specifications and instructions.

SAM only uses authorised and batch-tested coating materials. Our intensive cooperation with coating suppliers enables us to constantly improve our processes and introduce new corrosion protection systems with low-solvent coating materials. This in turn allows SAM to comply with the demanding requirements of the emission protection regulations while also meeting high quality standards in terms of process engineering.

The quality of our surface treatment is monitored by coating inspectors.