Sheet metal pre-treatment

Sheet metal cleaning and deburring

At the beginning of our production process, we focus on thoroughly cleaning and after-treating the sheet metal required. Our fully automated roller conveyor blast machine enables us to process steel sheets in all shapes and sizes. In fact, we can fully pre-treat steel sheets with dimensions ranging from 2 m x 4 m to a maximum of 24 m x 4 m and a height of up to 0.5 m. Our machine can handle a maximum capacity of 30 t per steel sheet.

Sheet metal forming

Rolling and bending sheet metal

The factory equipment used for our in-house steel tower production activities includes our two CNC four-roller plate bending machines. These are able to form grade S235 steel sheets up to a size of 3 m x 0.11 m. The round parts produced by the machines are ideal for manufacturing steel pipes and towers with impressive dimensions.

Flame cutting

An on-site flame-cutting centre for maximum efficiency

Our in-house flame-cutting centre enables us to achieve a wide variety of different steel sheet cutting results. Be it customised designs or elements of component production for larger projects, you can make the most of a high level of convenience that other manufacturers are unlikely to provide.

Our flame-cutting technology can be used with manual flame or oxy-fuel cutting machines depending on your order requirements. When it comes to technology, our CNC cutting tables are equipped with alpha burners, powder marking devices and oxy-fuel bevel cutting units and can be configured using CAD programming. This sophisticated equipment allows us to achieve maximum precision while maintaining our high quality standards.

Sheet metal after-treatment

Low-stress annealing of gigantic components

In accordance with the requirements of each project, we use our self-designed annealing furnace to reduce the tension in the material resulting from the steel processing and thus prevent deviations due to distortion. Our furnace is particularly special because it can be constructed and used wherever required on our premises. The mobile annealing furnace can be used for low-stress annealing at temperatures of up to 650 °C. The components treated in the furnace have maximum dimensions of 26 m x 5.6 m x 4.8 m or 12 m x 1 m x 4.8 m and can weigh up to 200 t per component.