Internal transport

Transport options on our premises

In the world of steel construction, great achievements often involve lifting heavy loads. This is precisely why we specialise in handling heavy steel components.

Our production halls are fitted with crane systems with a lifting capacity that is unrivalled in the region. Our hall cranes have a single lifting capacity of up to 120 t for component lengths of up to 12 m and offer a total lifting capacity of 240 t for a corresponding component length of more than 12 m and lifting heights of up to 14 m.

The grounds of our premises currently offer a storage area measuring 70,500 m². When transporting sheet metal, we use our gantry crane track, which can lift a total of 120 t. Its lifting capacity of 2 x 30 t and 60 t enables us to move the sheet metal ready for blasting into our pre-blasting system.

Our incoming goods area features a central storage hall, a mobile shelving system with up to 1500 storage locations and a load-bearing capacity of up to 1600 t, stacker capacities of 2.5 t to 33 t, a vacuum lifting crossbeam in the sheet metal storage area with a load-bearing capacity of 20 t and two cranes in the sheet metal storage area each able to lift 32 t.

Our in-house transportation of component assemblies with a diameter of up to 8 m, a length of up to 30 m and a weight of up to 240 t is carried out by our factory transport team across shifts. The team in our dispatch area is comprised of warehouse logistics specialists, transport employees and lorry drivers who regularly complete further training on the latest changes concerning the securing of loads, transportation of hazardous goods (including sea transport) and container shipping.

Our wireless-controlled pedestrian-operated forklift trucks can transport sections and similar steel construction components weighing up to 80 t and with a length of up to 30 m and a maximum diameter of 4.3 m from the hall and across the factory premises.

Location factors

Optimal transport connections

Magdeburg is located at the heart of Central Germany and therefore offers an outstanding transport infrastructure. With direct motorway connections in all directions, a railway connection to the German rail network directly on our factory premises and our proximity to the largest inland port in Central Germany, we offer the ideal conditions for transporting your heavy projects to you quickly and securely – both within Germany and to destinations further afield. Our business partners in the fields of logistics and freight forwarding have been working with us to transport your products to you according to schedule and with the expected high quality standards for many years.